During COVID-19, we saw how the world became dull and life became still. This made us realize how important it was to indulge ourselves in something which makes us happy, supports our family as well as cheer others too. Manihari was born by whilst such an insignificant dinner conversation.

Since the time monarchy prevailed, where Kings and Queens had loads of money for getting gold and silver worked outfits, the normal people used thread embroidery, sequins work, and simple patch work to beautify their clothes for festivals as well as daily wear. Manihari, who brought together many people working day and night behind the screen, too aims on bringing such old traditions back to life.

It also promotes PM Modi’s VOCAL FOR LOCAL campaign and we hope to be available to everyone, working towards a positive environment with products that can be worn any day/ everyday and make each women feel and flaunt their inner desi beauty and aesthetic everytime.